Legal and Regulatory Frameworks for Localization: Strengthening Local Capacity for Compliance and Empowerment

Training Description

The Annual NGO Legal, Policy and Regulatory Compliance symposium is organized by TASLAF Advocates, a specialist law firm providing tax and legal services to the NGO sector.

This event serves as a platform for participants to engage and exchange knowledge about the legal and regulatory framework concerning NGOs, while also enhancing local capacity for compliance and empowerment. The symposium’s core objectives include supporting and guiding NGOs operating in Uganda to meet their legal, regulatory, and tax obligations in an ever-changing landscape. Moreover, it aims to foster a deeper understanding of the
evolving trends in NGO management and policy.

By facilitating interactions with regulators, the symposium strives to create an enabling environment that promotes compliance and constructive engagement.

Training Duration

The training is a 2-day event.


Operating within a complex legal and regulatory environment, Non-governmental Organisations (NGOs) in Uganda face numerous challenges related to compliance with local laws, regulations, and reporting obligations.

Recent developments in the legal landscape have increased the importance of understanding and adhering to these requirements. In order to safeguard their operations, maintain donor confidence, and effectively fulfill their missions, NGOs must prioritize legal and compliance considerations.

However, limited access to specialized training and resources often hinders their ability to navigate these challenges effectively.

Some of the Key Topics to Be Covered

▸ Evolving compliance and regulatory landscape
▸ Accounting and TAX rules for NGOs
▸ Board Governance, Effectiveness and Transitions in NGOs
▸ The Localization Agenda
▸ Local Philanthropy and Sustainability, among others.

Learning Outcomes

Specifically, symposium aims to equip participants with knowledge, skills and attitudes to:
▸ Enhance Understanding of the Regulatory Landscape
▸ Ensure Compliance with Applicable Laws and Regulations
▸ Build Capacity for Effective Governance and Operations
▸ Promote Ethical Practices and Good Governance.

▸Foster Adaptability and Resilience
▸ Strengthen Networking and Collaboration
▸ Enhance Advocacy and Policy Engagement
▸ Promote Innovation and Technology Adoption

Mode of delivery

The symposium will adopt a participatory and interactive approach to maximize participant engagement. This shall include; presentations, guest speakers, panel discussions and Q&A sessions.

Who should attend?

The symposium targets:
▸ Representatives of International, Foreign, Regional and Local NGOs, Charities, and other CSOs; (such as: Directors; CEOs; Executive Directors; Executive Committees of the Board; Country Managers; Heads of Finance/Finance Managers and Officers; Heads of Programs/Program Managers; HR Managers & Officers; Admin Managers & Officers; Budgeting officers; Payroll Accountants; Compliance Staff; Audit Staff; Office Administrators; Project Managers; Fund Raising Managers; Grant Managers; Program Officers and Tax Managers, among others)

▸ Board Members & Trustees
▸ NGO networks & Coalitions
▸ Funding Agencies

Registration Fees

USD 180 per person

How to register
To register and buy your ticket, please complete
our online registration form here;

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ticket for proper planning.
We look forward to welcoming you on the day.

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