In order for an NGO to legally operate in Uganda, it needs a valid permit of operation, obtained from the National Bureau of Non-Governmental Organizations.

Duration of Permit of Operation

An NGO may apply for a permit of operation for any period not exceeding five years.

Time frame for application of permit of Renewal.

An NGO is required to apply for the renewal of its permit of operation within six months before its expiry.

Requirements for the renewal of a permit of an operation.

These requirements apply to indigenous, regional, continental, foreign and international NGO’s.

  1. Form H and N (for International and foreign NGO’s) or A (for indigenous NGO’s). These must be signed by at least two founder members;
  2. A letter requesting for registration and a permit to operate addressed to the Executive Director of the NGO Bureau;
  3. A photocopy of the expiring Permit of Operation;
  4. A copy of the Audited financial statements of the previous year(s) of operation from a Certified Auditor(s) registered in Uganda;
  5. Minutes of the Annual General Assembly or the Governing body which resolved for renewal of the Permit and a signed attendance list of the same;
  6. Annual Work Plan and budget or Strategic Plan for the number of years applied for;
  7. Annual report(s) of the previous year(s) of operation;
  8. Photocopies of identification documents (National ID or Passport) and passport size photographs of at least two Promoters/Founders of the NGO;
  9. A certified /notarized copy of the Certificate of Incorporation from Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB) or its equivalent;
  10. Recommendation letter from the District Non-Governmental Organizations Monitoring Committee (DNMC) of the district(s) of operation;
  11. A certified copy of Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) from the district(s) of operation;
  12. A certified copy of the Certificate of Registration from Financial Intelligence Authority (FIA);
  13. A copy of the Tax Identification Number (TIN) Certificate of the Organization from URA;
  14. Proof of payment of the prescribed fees for renewal of the permit of operation;
  15. Prescribed Fees
    • For indigenous/regional NGOs – UGX 60,000 per year of operation
    • For continental/foreign/international NGO – UGX 400,000 per year of operation.
How to submit the application

The application is made to the NGO Bureau in hard copy in a well organised and labelled spring file. It is advised that the documents be arranged in the order of the listed requirements above. This will make the verification process easier and faster.

Penalty for operating without a valid permit.

The law prescribes that where an NGO continues to operate without a valid permit, it will be subjected to a fine of Two Million Ugandan Shillings (UGX 2,000,000) for every month of operation in default of renewal of its permit.

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